Updating the Regional NRM Strategy for 2015 - 2020


A Regional Strategy for Natural Resource Management

The quality of our life largely depends on the quality of our surrounding environment and how well we collectively manage our natural resources.

For this reason Tasmania has three Natural Resource Management (NRM) regions to advise priorities for investing in the environment, increasing community capacity, and co-ordinating NRM activities across the State.  These activities are described by the Tasmanian Natural Resource Management Act 2002.

Each region produces its own five-year NRM Strategy.  The current strategy covers the period 2010-2015.  A process is underway to update the Cradle Coast regional strategy.

Purpose of the NRM Strategy

Having a strategy for the management of natural resources in the Cradle Coast region of Tasmania helps to focus on a common vision and identify the activities that contribute to achieving that vision.

The NRM Strategy has been developed by the Cradle Coast NRM Committee and staff with input from stakeholders and the community.  It aims to balance economic, social and environmental objectives and encourage partnerships between community, industry and Government.

The Strategy has been developed as a reference document for the entire region and so it doesn’t prescribe actions to individuals, groups or organisations.

Keep an eye on this page for news on how the Strategy revisions are progressing.


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