Registrations now open for Wings on King

Photo Credit Raphaele TolronLaunching 28-30th April, 2017, Wings on Kings is a project designed to tell the story of King Island’s birds. This event is an association between BirdLife Australia, the King Island Natural Resource Management Group and the local bird group, Birds of King Island.

Photo Credit: Raphaele Tolron

The Wings on King project launches 28-30th April 2017.

Registrations are now open for both the launch weekend for the Wings on King project – a 3-day celebration of the birds of King Island – and/or to participate in the monitoring project.  
You need to register for both separately.

This project is an important structured monitoring project for one of Australia’s many unique islands- King Island. In the middle of Bass Strait, it not only has a number of unique subspecies but hosts many migrating birds throughout the year coming from many different directions. 

As well as the conservation of birds, observing fluctuations in bird populations and the presence or absence of bird species from an area is regarded as an important method of monitoring the overall biological health of the area. The Wings on King project aims to achieve both of these for King Island. But with only a small island population (human), we need help to undertake the fieldwork and gather the data.  

If YOU are interested in monitoring birds or are interested in sustainability monitoring, join in at the project launch weekend in April 2017 or any other time you can make it.

To find out more about visiting King Island, its birds, the Wings on King Project and Launch including registration forms go to: 

This project is supported by Cradle Coast NRM through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme.

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