Cradle Coast NRM Community Award Winners 2016

Representing the winning Community Groups L-R:
Shirley Tongue Friends of Lillico Penguins, Hazel Britton, Ondrea Richards King Island Natural Resource Management Group, Eugene Holloway Rubicon Coast and Landcare, Amanda McCall on behalf of Friends of Howie Island, Evelyn DeVito Friends of Burnie Penguins. 

Announced  at  the  fitting  location  of  Preservation  Bay,  six  community  groups  were  recognised  for their outstanding work in protecting the natural resources of the Cradle Coast region. 

Over 40 people attended the Cradle Coast NRM Community Awards event, held on Wednesday 7 December, 
to honour the work of volunteers in caring for the local environments. 

The winners announced for each category:
Local Area Award Winner: Rubicon Coast and Landcare
Outstanding Contribution Award Winner: Hazel Britton 
Partnership Award Winner: King Island NRM 
Beyond NRM Award Winner: Burnie and Lillico Penguins
Inspiration Award Winner: Friends of Howie Island 
People’s Choice: Hazel Britton

Award  nominations  were  received  from  14  community  groups. 

The Awards event recognised the work of the community volunteers in our region, raising awareness of those 
actively engaged in on-ground works in their local areas.

Event  manager  Anna  Wind,  Cradle  Coast  NRM  coastal  coordinator  at  the  Cradle  Coast  Authority,  said 
volunteers are essential to supporting the environmental work of Cradle Coast NRM.

“This event celebrates the passionate volunteers we have who contribute so much to raising awareness and 
caring for the environment in their local communities,” said Mrs Wind. 

“We support more than 1000 volunteers who are essential to the environmental work we do.”

The winners were chosen by the Cradle Coast NRM committee. Richard Ingram, Manager Cradle Coast 
NRM at the Cradle Coast Authority, said it was a difficult choice as all groups provide immeasurable value to 
their communities.  

“Throughout the year, we see the passion and commitment of our community groups and this is our way of 
saying we appreciate everything they do,” Mr Ingram said.  

Before the Awards were announced, Mr Ingram provided a summary of natural resource management 
achievements and Sue Jennings from community group Circular Head Landcare shared the success story of their Ricegrass 
Eradication Project. 

Prizes will be the winners’ decision and a choice of the following:
1. A gift voucher for tools and/or food towards a group event. ($500)
2. Cradle Coast NRM team working for the group for a day.
3. Sponsorship for 1 volunteers to a conference of their choice (up to $500).
4. Guest speaker of choice to present to group and wider community (up to $500)

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