Cradle Coast NRM heralds a new era with Regional Land Partnerships

The Cradle Coast Authority has submitted its tender for the Australian Government’s Regional Land Partnerships program.  

The Program is the new delivery mechanism of natural resource management across Australia.  It will provide $450 million of National Landcare Program funding over five years to deliver national landcare priorities at a regional level.

“The Regional Land Partnerships program changes the business model of regional natural resource management,” Cradle Coast Authority CEO Brett Smith said.  

“There is much more of a focus on helping to deliver Australia’s international obligations, and funding will be allocated to regions through a competitive tender process.”

“The CCA is committed to continuing extension and support for farmers, and to working with local landcare groups, to achieve the protection of north-west Tasmania’s precious environmental and agricultural assets,” Mr Smith said.  

He added that, compared to past natural resource management delivery, the new requirements spelled out by the Australian Government will likely require a stronger focus on specific areas and issues that fit within the Regional Land Partnerhips program.  

“We have been able to respond in our submission to the Australian Government priorities for Regional Land Partnerships. 
Following stakeholder consultations, our submission contains projects to enable collaboration with the community and landholders and Aboriginal people into the conservation of migratory bird species and threatened endemic birds; contribute to the protection of marsupials which endangered on the mainland and our endemic crayfish, and protect wilderness values in areas adjacent to the TWWHA. 

We would also like to see critical investment into soil conservation actions that enable landholders to better care for soil and catchment health, support industry action on climate change, and enable our dairy, beef and cropping industries to position themselves for opportunities emerging from more environmentally discerning consumer preferences.”

“We are most appreciative of the strong community, industry and stakeholder support our submission has received. 
We expect to be negotiating the detailed make-up of projects over coming months and for the first projects to commence in July, following finalisation of the NLP1 program at the end of June.” 

“Our region is fortunate to have many engaged and passionate landcare community groups with a demonstrated track record and capability.  We want to build on this asset.  We also have some of the most productive soils in Tasmania - possibly Australia - and we intend to do more to help our farmers adapt into the future, based on good stewardship of soils, water and biodiversity.” 

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