Macquarie Harbour Clean Up 2018

Macquarie Harbour Shoreline Clean-up will be held over 5 days from Saturday 7 April to Wednesday 11 April to collect marine debris over 80kms of coast

Trash found at Pardoe Beach
Image Credit: Kent Wood

Cradle Coast NRM coordinates both prevention (education) and conservation (action) projects that raise awareness of the threats facing our marine environment and help to reduce the threat of marine debris across the region.

Cradle Coast NRM are working with the fish farms and community stakeholders to coordinate a  Macquarie Harbour Marine Debris Clean up from 7-11 April 2017. 

This major event is a collaborative effort between Active Strahan, National Landcare Programme , Conservation Volunteers Australia , Cradle Coast Authority , Cradle Coast NRM , Gordon River Cruises , Huon Aquaculture , Petuna, Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service, Strahan Village, Tasmanian Seafood Industry Council, Tassal Tasmanian Salmon, West Coast Council and West Coast Yacht Charters.

The health of marine environments is also intrinsically linked to humans treatment of the land, such as farming, which results in sediment and nutrient run-off. Human behaviours such as littering also results in harmful debris, especially plastics, polluting our rivers and oceans.  Plastic is incapable of breaking down or biodegrading. Instead, it continues to fragment into ever-smaller pieces, posing a risk to seafood if it enters the food chain, and therefore also a risk to human health. The Macquarie Harbour clean-up projects are doing their bit to reduce the threats posed by marine debris, to the benefit of sea-life and people everywhere.

“Everyone in the community can help protect coastal and marine life. Please think about how you dispose of rubbish, plastics in particular, and if you can pick up litter when out and about and put it in the bin, you are also helping.  A big thank you to those who already do this.” – Dionna Newton, Coast, Estuarine & Marine Project Officer.

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