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Community Group Grants Program

Cradle Coast NRM supports community groups and their volunteers through community group grants aimed at enhancing and/or restoring biodiversity and coastal environments in North-West Tasmania. Projects are typically focused toward on-ground works and building community capacity via participation and by increasing knowledge and skill levels.

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Supporting Community Groups

In 2013 Cradle Coast NRM provided support to community group volunteers enabling them to attend training and workshops. The sponsorship helped increase the skills of volunteers and raise awareness of our natural environment. Small community group requests that support community group projects have been funded.

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Land Manager Grants Program

A grants program open to public land managers was delivered in the Cradle Coast region to engage communities in natural resource management projects through on-ground works, training and events.
Councils and the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service were invited to apply for coastal and biodiversity funds and deliver innovative projects involving local communities. The grants were awarded by Cradle Coast NRM through funding from the Australian Government's Caring for our Country initiative.

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Hooked! from the Mountain Dragon to the Handfish

Inspired by knitting and crochet projects worldwide, Hooked! from the Mountain Dragon to the Handfish was a community arts and environmental project, drawing inspiration from Tasmania'a natural surrounds, and inspiring participants to think about our unique flora and fauna in a new light. Download the project report below to find out more...

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Environmental Education

An important role of the Cradle Coast NRM Project Officers is to inspire and inform our next generation about our region's special resources and to encourage an appreciation of our natural and productive landscapes and all of the varied life-forms that they support.
The Project Officer team have a portfolio of educational resources that are available for teachers and students with materials on a range of topics including Biodiveristy, Coasts, Water and Soils. Many resources are available for download from the Cradle Cost NRM website (Our Library > Library > Resources); and limited hardcopies can be obtained by contacting the Project Officers.


School Small Grants Program

The School Small Grants program was available to all eligible schools, educational institutions, youth organisations, and early learning centres in the Cradle Coast region from 2011 - 2013. The grants program provided funding to support projects and on-ground works that delivered outcomes to achieve positive envrionmental change in North-West Tasmania. The projects also assisted Cradle Coast NRM to deliver outcomes aligned with regional natural resource management priorities. The grants were awarded by Cradle Coast NRM through funding from the Australian Government.

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Schools, Lions Clubs, Rotary Clubs and other local community groups are pulling on their gloves, tidying up their local beaches and helping to protect coastal and marine life in a new Beachwatch program set to carry the spirit of Clean Up Australia Day right throughout the year. Beachwatch is a community-based volunteer initiative that started in Devonport and is now being rolled out across the coastlines of Waratah-Wynyard and Circular Head municipal areas. With the support of Local Council staff and Cradle Coast NRM Facilitators, Beachwatch participants ’adopt’ a local beach and conduct quarterly cleanups of litter and man-made marine debris with the results being reported to the Tangaroa Blue Ocean Care Society.

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Monitoring Shorebirds on the Cradle Coast

Cradle Coast NRM is calling upon the community to help create a baseline record of the Red-capped plover, the Hooded Plover and other resident shorebirds in North West Tasmania. Around 100 volunteers take to their local beaches between Stanley and Narawntapu National Park as part of a long term program to set a benchmark to guide shorebird protection activities.

This project is managed by Cradle Coast NRM but made possible by the Cradle Coast community. We are always looking for new volunteers. If you would like to get involved by donating a few hours twice a year to count shorebirds on your local beach please contact us.

Click here  for further project information and to view up-to-date shorebird summary count data

Mount Roland: Developing a Destination

A report prepared by The Institute for Regional Development, Cradle Coast Campus, University of Tasmania - May 2011 for the Mount Roland Steering Committee.

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Self-Accommodating Visitors in North-West Tasmania

The Univeristy of Tasmania has conducted a survey of the needs of 'self-contained' holiday makers in the Cradle Coast region to determine their levels of interest in our local natural values. View the Off the Beaten Path: Tracking Self-Accommodating Visitors in the North West Tasmania report below.

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Short Term Visitor Volunteers

Winter is the key revegetation season for Cradle Coast NRM and volunteers, and it's not just the locals who get involved. The Cradle Coast NRM short-term visitor volunteer program is proving popular with instrastate, mainland and international visitors, and their fresh perspectives on the region's landscapes have also helped to energise local volunteers.

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