Land Projects

Farmer Soil Condition Studies

A series of farm based studies were conducted over two growing seasons to examine methods of improving soil condition in real production systems. The study program offered by Cradle Coast NRM partnered farmers with researchers or agronomists to test innovative concepts in the farmer’s own environment. This project supported farmers to make evidence-based decisions to adopt new practices to improve their soil condition and to then champion the resulting benefits to the farming community.

Case Study - Quantifying the benefits of biofumigation for pyrethrum Case Study - Quantifying the benefits of biofumigation for pyrethrum (660 KB) (11-Nov-2013)

Case Study - Soil Foodweb Methodology - Ian Smith Case Study - Soil Foodweb Methodology - Ian Smith (205 KB) (16-Sep-2013)

Soil Nutrient Management in the Cradle Coast Region

Six dairy farmers across the Cradle Coast region have been involved in a project to extensively test soil nutrient levels on their farms. In the joint project involving Cradle Coast NRM, the tests results were used to develop nutrient maps for each property, showing individual paddock levels. These farmers can now develop their own nutrient budgets for the farms, which has the potential to save them $1000's and reduce the likelihood of nutrient runoff into waterways.

Project Supporting Document

Improving nutrient management on Circular Head dairy farms

There has been a signifcant reduction in soil phosphorus and sulphur over a 6 year period on farms in the Togari and Brittons Swamp areas. In 2005, 29 farms in these two areas were sampled for nutrient levels. In 2011, nine of the farms were resampled in a joint project involving Cradle Coast NRM. Targeted use of fertilisers can save farmers money and reduce the risk of nutrient loss into waterways.
Project document to come

Project Supporting Document

Integrated Pest Management Farmer Case Studies

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a pest control strategy which combines biological, chemical and cultural practices to deliver long-term sustainable results. Three land managers whom had been involved in previous Cradle Coast NRM IPM Workshops, were given the opportunity to be individually supported in monitoring and implementing IPM practices on their property during the summer 2011-2012 growing season. Read what they have achieved below.

Project Report

Case Study - Cameron Folder Case Study - Cameron Folder (390 KB) (19-Sep-2012)

Case Study - Jason McNeil Case Study - Jason McNeil (418 KB) (19-Sep-2012)

Case Study - Rob Sadler Case Study - Rob Sadler (504 KB) (19-Sep-2012)

Controlled Traffic Farming for the Vegetable Industry

Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF) is a farming system that separates wheeled traffic lanes from the soil in which crop grows, with equipment running on the same track lanes. CTF has the potential to provide a whole range of benefits to farmers including: reduced fuel usage, reduced run-off and erosion, and higher yields. Cradle Coast NRM has been involved in a joint project resulting in some adoption guidelines to assist vegetable growers. Report below.

Project Supporting Document

Regional Cropping Profile

Cradle Coast NRM commissioned a project to profile the cropping sector in the region, describe current practices and recommend ways to promote and support sustainable land management practices. The study involved interviews with 40 landholders, vegetable packers/processors, poppy and pyrethrum companites, and agronomy advisors.

Project Supporting Document

Preparing farmers for climate change

The Climate Ready Farming Leaders project’s purpose was to enable regional farm
businesses to improve their knowledge and understanding of climate change. This
should allow them to adapt their management and strategic planning to cope with
predicted climate change impacts. This addresses the NRM Principles of balanced decisions and prevention is better than cure.

Project Document 
Supporting Document  

Case Study - Climate Ready Farming Leaders Case Study - Climate Ready Farming Leaders (587 KB) (21-Sep-2012)

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